Closed Fingers Catch the Sand (2022)

album for Pink Mage

Unconformity (2021)

film score

Code Switch Mixtape (2020)

for Wind Symphony or Concert Band

Decet for Winds (2020)

for double woodwind quintet

Extract of Wolfsbane (2019)

for percussion + pierrot quintet (clarinet, flute, violin, cello, piano)

Enmeshed (2019)

for amplified violin, vocals, and fixed media

Ridge Run (2018)

for 1-12 clarinets and bass clarinets

Hirvi (2018)

for chamber orchestra and vocal soloist

Mountain Kid (2018)

for violin, viola, cello, and contrabass

Splendid Backwoods (2018)

for flute

The Gate (2018)

for amplified clarinet, bass clarinet, and vocals; with electronics and fixed media

Down from the Verge of Heaven (2018)

for baroque chamber orchestra

Ladun hiihan laulajille (2017)

for string quartet, clarinet, accordion, and vocalist

How to Relax with Origami (2017)

for orchestra

Range Upon Range (2016)

for orchestra

Battle Maps of Wild Utah (2016)

for amplified chamber orchestra

Portals: Pollination (2016)

for SATB chorus

Make Me a Scythe (2015)

for saxophone, guitar, piano, drum kit, and small chorus

Early Winter Spires (2015)

for clarinet and piano

City of Sunlight (2015)

for children’s chorus

Telefona (2015)

for SATB chorus or mixed children’s and adult chorus

Bablook: Planet of Hands (2014)

for orchestra

Nine of Staves (2014)

for amplified chamber orchestra

Scrolls (2012)

for chamber orchestra

Private: Evil Glass Hawk (2011)

for two clarinets and drum kit

Clarinet Concerto (2010)

for orchestra and clarinet soloist

Constellation (2010)

for amplified solo flute w/ delay pedal

Caldera Blossoms (2009)

for string quartet, clarinet, accordion, and vocalist

Weave (2008)

for two violins

Cloud Forest (2008)

for 3x percussion, pierrot quintet (flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano), and electronics