Closed Fingers Catch the Sand

2022 Electronics Multimedia

Extract of Wolfsbane

2019 Bass Clarinet Cello Chamber Clarinet Clarinet Performance Flute Percussion Piano Violin


2019 Featured Composition Violin

Ridge Run

2019 Bass Clarinet Chamber Clarinet Clarinet Performance Featured Composition Featured Video


2018 Chamber Orchestra Vocal soloist

Mountain Kid

2018 Cello Chamber Contrabass Viola Violin

Splendid Backwoods

2018 Flute

The Gate

2018 Bass Clarinet Clarinet Clarinet Performance Electronics Fixed media Multimedia

Down from the Verge of Heaven

2018 Baroque Chamber

How to Relax with Origami

2017 Featured Composition Orchestra

Ladun hiihan laulajille

2017 Cello Chamber Clarinet String Quartet Viola Violin Vocal soloist

Range Upon Range

2016 Orchestra

Battle Maps of Wild Utah

2016 Chamber Orchestra

Portals: Pollination

2016 Chorus

Make Me a Scythe

2015 Guitar Percussion Piano Saxophone Small choir

Early Winter Spires

2015 Clarinet Featured Composition Featured Video Piano

City of Sunlight

2015 Chorus


2015 Chorus Featured Composition

Bablook: Planet of Hands

2014 Orchestra

Nine of Staves

2014 Chamber Orchestra


2012 Chamber Orchestra

Evil Glass Hawk

2011 Clarinet Percussion


2011 Vocal soloist

Clarinet Concerto

2010 Clarinet Orchestra


2010 Flute

Caldera Blossoms

2009 Cello Chamber String Quartet Viola Violin


2008 Violin

Cloud Forest

2008 Cello Chamber Clarinet Flute Percussion Piano Violin