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performed by violinists Tyme Khleifi and Tian Xu.

I wrote Weave in 2008. Looking back on it from the vantage point in 2015, I hear more folk music in it than I realized was there when I wrote it.  Now it makes me think of shepherds or goatherds in the summer pasture with a lot of time to kill, very relaxed – one of them begins to languidly trill around on an idea that's been floating in her head all morning, and the other perks up and begins to layer her own ideas on top of it.  Suddenly they are off, playing wildly and passionately for no audience except the hills and the goats and the dogs, none of whom seem the least bit interested. But that doesn't matter at all to the goatherds, who have a grand old time. They are playing for each other and for the sheer joy of playing.