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For Chamber Orchestra.  Duration: 32 Minutes.

Written for Contemporaneous

Program Note:

I listen to a lot of music with lyrics in languages that I don't speak. One of my favorite musical ensembles is Kardeş Türküler, whose songs are in various Anatolian languages, such as Turkish, Kurdish, and Armenian. Another inspiration is Sigur Rós, whose songs are either in Icelandic or in “Vonlenska” (“Hopelandic”), which consists entirely of beautiful, made-up words that have the intent but not the conceptual content of language. Although I don't “understand” these languages in an intellectual sense, I certainly “feel” them and even “understand” them in an emotional sense. Listening to the human voice in this context has led me to regard it as a really special instrument: while it can't zoom up and down arpeggios like a piano, it can do a lot that a piano can't, including (but not limited to) making vowels and consonants, creating glissandi, portamenti, and vibrato, and employing dynamic expressiveness while sustaining notes. It is with this in mind that I created a new “language” for Scrolls – while it does not have a dictionary of definitions, my hope is that this language will be full of emotion and abstract meaning.


2 Clarinets / Bass Clarinet

2 Soprano Saxophones

2 Percussion

1 Piano / Keyboard

4 Vocalists (SSAT)

2 Violins

1 Viola

1 Cello

1 Electric Guitar

1 Electric Bass